School Bus Accident Lawyers

Has your child, or children, been the victims of a school bus accident? If so, they may be entitled to medical benefits and financial compensation according to state auto accident laws and insurance laws. As a parent you want the best for your child and you want them safe at all times. If this trust is breached while at school, at a school function or on a school bus you need to seek the help of a skilled auto accident attorney handling school bus accidents.

Please connect with out team of Arkansas school bus accident lawyers as they will do whatever is necessary to protect your child’s rights. Contact them today for a free consultation. Our school bus accident lawyers charge no legal fees if they do not win for your and your family. They proudly serve every state in the country including Alabama, California, Florida, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Washington and Washington D.C.

School bus accidents in all states such as South Carolina, Tennessee, Oklahoma, New Mexico and  Connecticut can result in severe amount physical damage and personal injury in the event of an accident. This is true for the car, truck or motorcycle it collides into, the drivers and passengers in each vehicle and the passengers inside the school bus. If you, or your child, have been involved in a school bus accident it is in your best interest to consult with a California school bus accident lawyer.

School Bus Accident Scenarios

Injuries in school bus accidents across the country an range from minor, moderate severe or catastrophic. Many school bus accidents occur due to bus driver negligence as the driver may be preoccupied while driving the bus and plows into another vehicle. Other school bus accidents can occur when the school bus stops and the driver of another vehicle collides with the stopped school bus.

A less common cause of school bus accidents involve the bus not being properly maintained or is equipped with defective products such as tires or brakes.

In addition, school bus accident driver intoxication, due to both alcohol and drugs, is also a cause of school bus accident across the country. Regardless of the exact cause of your child’s school bus accident you should consult with our experienced Arizona school bus accident lawyers immediately.

School Bus Accident Injuries

Many school buses are not equipped with seat belts. Even if they are the children or passengers may not wear them. Children can be severely injured and even killed if an accident happens while they are getting on or off the school bus. Passengers and children standing up and or walking down the aisles are very susceptible to injuries in the event of a school bus accident.

Common school bus injuries in California are head, neck and back injuries, soft tissue injuries and broken bones. In very severe accidents, such as those taking place on an interstate, wrongful death can occur during a New York school bus accident.

Safety Issues Regarding School Buses & School Bus Accidents

The basic design of the school buses has not been changed much since 1977. Families of accident victims, better informed parents, National PTA, and multiple physician groups and safety advocates are demanding improvements.

Seat Belts
The erroneous arguments against safety belts are now attributed to an economically motivated industry.  The truly valid reasons for their use have been scientifically proven and widely accepted.  Seat belt son large school buses have been endorsed by The American Medical Association, American Academy of Pediatrics, American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons, National PTA, Fire Marshals Association, American College of Preventive Medicine, Physicians for Automotive Safety, National Coalition of School Bus Safety, and more.

Swing-Arm or Crossing Arm or Electronic Undercarriage Sensor and Alarm
The classic school bus has a large blind-spot area that the driver cannot monitor.  Children are often tempted to retrieve a dropped item or short-cut under a bumper.  Last year over 20 children were run over by their own bus.  This safety device helps prevent tragedy.  Seventeen states currently require swing-arms.

Non-Conforming Vehicles
The Federal Government prohibits schools from purchasing these converted vans.  However, many schools still utilize these vehicles.

Strobe Lights
Strobe Technology is commonly used by police, fire, ambulance, etc., for greater visibility.  A strobe stop light can be seen at 3 times the distance of the standard incandescent flasher.

Roof Hatches
The Federal Government requires at least one roof hatch in every NEW large school bus.  It is difficult to enter a rolled-over bus that lacks this roof hatch.  Approximately 400, 000 USA buses lack this inexpensive safety feature.

Automatic Tire Chains or Traction Control System
Most Fire Department trucks and ambulances in colder climate areas are equipped.

Flame-Retardant Fabric/Materials
These materials are readily available for use in large school buses.  Unfortunately, less that 1% of USA buses are built with these safer materials.

Cell-Phone or Two Way Radio
Communication can prevent accidents and help obtain more rapid emergency assistance.

Mandated Driver Training/Driver background Checks
State laws vary widely.  Some states lack this basic regulation.

Video Surveillance System
Student-passenger behavior greatly improved in communities that have installed these cameras.  Driver distraction is also minimized when these cameras are utilized.

Dangerous Pick-Up/Drop Off Zones
Has your child been assigned a potentially dangerous drop-off/pick-up location, when a better spot is available???

Long ride times (duration) for your child
Does your school bus’s route require excessive or unfairly long ride times (duration) for your child??? Usually more buses and a more direct route would cut travel time.

Federal law allows crowding 3 passengers into a 42 inch seat.  The average 1st grader is 16 inches wide in the rear.  Obviously, a child’s safety is compromised if they are half off the seat of a moving vehicle.

Also most states have outlawed standees  An over-crowded bus with standees should be photographed (if possible) and reported to your state police dept. of transportation enforcement section and school transportation administrator.

Inadequate Ventilation & Poor Air Quality
Does your child complain of diesel fumes or headaches while on the bus??  Have you observed the bus driver having to use a rag or paper towel to wipe the inside of the windshield (while driving) to maintain visibility???

Failing To Properly Maintain School Buses
Does your bus have re-treads or re-conditioned tires??? (some states have outlawed retreads on the front wheels of school buses).  Are safety inspections completed on a quarterly basis or every 3000 miles???

Does your school bus have a “black-box” recording monitor???
These electronic devices can record speed, # hours of driver operation, length of time at each stop, crash forces and more.  The trucking industry and aviation industry has embraced this readily available technology.

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