School Bus Accident Injuries

Bus accidents, which include school bus accidents, happen everyday across the country They can take place in the blink of an eye and their injuries can have a lasting effect on your life. In the event that you, or your child, are injured while being transported by a bus or school bus you may be entitled to compensation for any injuries sustained. Contacting a skilled personal injury lawyer who handles injuries suffered in auto accidents is a smart move.

Contact our team of schools bus accident lawyers if you have been injured in a bus accident or school bus accident anywhere in the country.  They offer free consultations and charge nothing in the form of legal fees if they do not recover for you. Serving California, Pennsylvania, New York, Florida, New York, New Jersey, Texas and the rest of the country.

Injuries Sustained In Bus Accidents

Common car accident injuries can be:

Head Injuries including concussions, open head injuries and brain injuries.

Back Injuries which can include spinal cord fractures, herniated discs and muscle strains.

Joint And Ligament Injuries such as fractures, ligament and tendon tears.

Neck Injuries such as whiplash, C-Spine fractures and strains.

Broken Bones including closed breaks, open breaks and hairline fractures.

Sprains And Strains in all muscle groups such as the neck, back and forearms.

Nervous System Injuries which include nerve damage,

Wrongful Death

No matter what injuries you suffered you should speak with an experienced bus accident injury attorney right away. Per your states personal injury laws you may qualify for benefits and financial compensation.

Compensation Sources In Bus Injury Cases

When, where and how your car accident took place has a lot to do with determining what sources of compensation you may be entitled to. Common means of compensation in bus accident and school bus accident cases are: current and future medical benefits, therapy costs, surgery costs, financial compensation, lost wages compensation and, if applicable, pain and suffering compensation. Working with our experienced bus accident injury lawyers will ensure that you get the maximum amount of compensation and benefits for your injuries.

Contact A School Bus Accident Law Office

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